Welcome to ‘Stellar Influence’! — Where “you shine like stars as you hold out the Word of Life!”

We teach a Christ-centered response to the world’s greatest needs — whether poverty, hunger, homelessness, hopelessness, or any other forms of human suffering and despair.

We call it the ‘Influence of Excellence’, like Nehemiah who held out a simple cup with such excellence that he won the King’s favor. Or consider the influence of Joseph, through his excellence in Pharaoh’s court, or Daniel in the governance of two-world empires whose legal and currency systems still effect us today.

“See a man excellent in his work, and he will stand before kings!”

Through the daily application of this ethic to our work, through the faithful stewardship of the wealth it creates, and through the generous sharing of the rewards we get to enjoy, we believe that, together, God’s children can create more than enough to meet the world’s needs.